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97% of all businesses can’t make it through in Australia and get failed inside the first three years. What’s more? According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, among these, there're 60 % of SMEs (small and mid-sized enterprises).

Are you afraid and look for the answer: How to ensure your business doesn't end up in these dreadful statistics? Here is good news. The answer is to sell with GoodBrand as we have a 99% success ratio for our business partners. With GoodBrand, forget about failures and focus on growth… only growth and prosperity…

Low Fees

Our success is directly linked to your success. We don't charge a single penny until you make a sale. Yeah, for us, you and your success are everything!

We deduct only 7% for each sale, unlike other popular marketplaces, where you have to pay hefty charges to list your product and face the 20% cut from each sale.

Simplest Procedures

Also, we don’t ask for useless verifications such as home bills, identification proofs. We put your comfort upfront.

With GoodBrand, no fear of account suspension without any serious reason, and you reach potential customers instantly – free of any charge!

Reduced Marketing Costs

We feature your business and product in our thousands of dollars advertisement campaigns without charging anything from you. With GoodBrand’s advertisement campaigns, make your brand a top-notch!

It allows new opportunities for overseas sale and operate a round-the-clock - time constraints and problems with varying international trading hours are removed

How to sell with GoodBrand?

We proudly claim that GoodBrand has the simplest and hustle-free procedures. Selling with GoodBrand is as much as easy as A, B, C. Fill the form within the 2-minutes, and get your store approved within 30-minutes, and start rolling sales in the next hour!

Get your business registered for free

  • Fill out the basic information: your first and second name, email address, shop URL, and set a password.

Verify your email

  • Once you proceed after agreeing to the terms and conditions, you'll receive an email. Verify the given email address to move on step three.

Store configuration

  • After the email verification, you'll have access to the seller dashboard. There you'll list your products, provide store contact info, connect the payment method to receive funds from the GoodBrand, and upload product images.
  • Within 30-minutes, a highly efficient customer support team will look into your store configuration and approve your online store here at GoodBrand!

Manage your sales and get paid

  • After the approval, you'll make your product live! Millions of potential customers will see your product and place orders on the platform. We'll notify you of each sale, and you'll ship the product to every buyer!
  • And what’s more? At the end of each week, your funds will land in your account!
Really Easy To Setup And Customize
  • Create an Account
  • Create your Profile
  • Add your Details
  • Add your Product Listing
  • Sell your Products and Earn Points
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Here are some common questions about selling on Goodbrand Marketplace

Who will ship the product?

We'll get you the order and customer details, and you'll ship the product to the customer.

However, if you receive orders from Vietnam, GoodBrand has a logistic partner to ship your product in Vietnam. In this case, seek the assistance of the customer support team.

Who will set the price of my product?

Funds from your sales are deposited directly to your bank account in your currency, no matter how or from where the buyer pays. You can set the price of your product as much as you like on the GoodBrand. After the product sale, you’ll receive a total price with a 7% deduction.

How does payment work on GoodBrand?

We process payments on our secure, SSL-encrypted platform, and have security specialists and fraud detection systems to protect you and your buyers 24/7.

Once the customer places the order, we charge the customer and keep the amount in escrow. As soon as you deliver the product to the customer, the order is marked as 'completed' by the customer. And your funds reach in your bank account!

What can I sell on Goodbrand?

Goodbrand is an online marketplace designed to connect online sellers with buyers all around the globe. You can sell everything from fashion accessories to auto parts on the platform without having to pay any listing fees


Over 12,000 sellers have validated the GoodBrand. Read testimonials of our sellers: